"If I weren't able to come here anymore, it would hurt me so bad. I don't know what I would do. I love everybody here so much. I just feel so amazing."

—Robin Seltzer - Community Health Action of Staten Island


The harsh reality is that poor New Yorkers live four years less than wealthy New Yorkers. Those living in poverty suffer disproportionally from diabetes, H.I.V./AIDS, hypertension, asthma, and other chronic health problems. These medical conditions are exacerbated by this reality: struggling families are often uninsured or underinsured and therefore more likely to skip treatment.


Robin Hood's $8.4 million investment helped improve the health of more than 43,000 low-income individuals: our funding made it possible for our partners to provide primary and mental health care to over 11,000 adults and children, while over 32,000 individuals received treatment for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, H.I.V./AIDS, and hepatitis B and C.


  • After Hours Project, Inc.
  • Aid for AIDS
  • Audubon Family Planning Practice of New York – Presbyterian/Columbia
  • Bellevue/N.Y.U. Program for Survivors of Torture
  • Boom!Health
  • Brightpoint Health
  • Brookdale Hospital – Live Light Live Right
  • Charles B. Wang Community Health Center
  • Community Health Action of Staten Island
  • Children's Health Fund
  • City Health Works
  • Fund for Public Health in New York – Asthma
  • Fund for the City of New York – Air N.Y.C.
  • Harlem United
  • Housing Works
  • Institute for Family Health – Collaborative Care
  • Institute for Family Health – Diabetes
  • Institute for Family Health – Free Clinic
  • Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City – Direct Access Demonstration
  • Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center
  • Mount Sinai Hepatitis C Program
  • New York University School of Medicine in partnership with the New York University Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy
  • New York University School of Medicine – The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Military Family Clinic at N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center
  • Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention