The Robin Hood Impact

More than one in five New Yorkers live in poverty. That's 1.8 million of our neighbors who struggle to stay afloat. Many battle on multiple fronts: homelessness and hunger; unemployed and undereducated; chronically sick and facing eviction. Chances are, if they suffer from one frightful condition they suffer from several.

Poverty is the most pressing and complex issue facing the city today. Robin Hood aggressively attacks both its root causes and long-term impacts. As the city's largest poverty-fighting organization, we find, fund, and create more than 200 of the most effective and innovative programs to help low-income New Yorkers overcome poverty's grip.

The Four Hallmarks of Robin Hood

Every donated dollar counts

Because Robin Hood's board underwrites all operating costs, 100% of every donated dollar goes directly to serving our neighbors in need.

Rigorous Metrics

Robin Hood subjects its grants to an exacting evaluation process, estimating, as best as the evidence allows, how much each of our grants lifts the well-being of struggling New Yorkers.


If programs are successful, Robin Hood helps them expand. If they falter, we help them improve. But if weak performance persists, we terminate support. Every misspent dollar is a missed opportunity.

Adding Value

Beyond dollars, Robin Hood offers business expertise and leadership training to strengthen our nonprofit partner's ability to serve its community.

Spending Wisely

Total investment: $130.4 million

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of 9,000 donors, Robin Hood helped more people in 2015 in more profound ways than ever before. Here is how Robin Hood made a difference in 2015.

Notable Achievements

Here is a glance at the impact Robin Hood had in 2015 on the lives of struggling New Yorkers and what our partners were able to accomplish with our support:

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We generated $175 million in tax refunds for over 110,000 low-income New Yorkers

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We helped nearly 11,000 vulnerable New Yorkers avoid eviction, find emergency shelter, or move into permanent housing

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Our Single Stop program served more than 10% of all New Yorkers living in poverty

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We helped fund eight food pantries that provided 14 million meals to hungry New Yorkers

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Zearn, the online learning program seeded by Robin Hood three years ago, now instructs over 200,000 students, more than half of whom signed on in the last months of the year

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We launched the LeaderLink pilot program, connecting private-sector finance professionals to nonprofits in urgent need of skilled specialists

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In an unprecedented collaboration, we launched the Immigrant Job Center in partnership with the New York City Small Business Administration and the Human Resources Administration to train and place hundreds of immigrants in jobs and help them apply for government benefits

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We identified 12,000 seniors who were eligible for the federal food-stamp program (SNAP), but not enrolled; all 12,000 now receive food stamps

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We served 55,000 New York City school children and educated more than 10,000 teachers, improving learning for hundreds of thousands of children

Partner List

Robin Hood Partners with over 200 of the most effective nonprofits operating out of 910 locations across the five boroughs.

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